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Why is My Check Engine Light On?

Your browser does not support video   The Check Engine Light strikes fear into the hearts of some Wichita motorists and is totally ignored by just as many. Just what it means is a mystery to most of us Wichita auto owners. Let’s get the urgency issues out of the way first. If your check […]

ICE – In Case Of Emergency In Wichita Kansas

Sometimes the unthinkable happens in Wichita Kansas. A terrible accident and those involved aren’t able to provide rescuers with emergency contact information. You have people in the Wichita Kansas area who you’ll want to be contacted to arrange help, give consent to treatment, and inform paramedics of medical conditions, allergies or medications. Too often, our […]

TPMS: Tire Pressure Monitoring For Your Wichita Auto

You may know that all 2008 model year and newer cars, mini-vans and light trucks in Wichita come with a tire pressure monitoring system. Many slightly older vehicles around Wichita have these systems as well. A tire pressure monitoring system – called TPMS – consists of sensors on each wheel that measure tire pressure. If […]